Engineering Services

Civil Engineering

Civil engineering services would cover the planning, designing and construction of the infrastructures that are necessary for the city or state like the transportation infrastructure that is likely to cover the roads, railways, bridges. Even the water distribution systems like the canals, sanitation, dams etc. would all fall into the environmental infrastructure that is covered by our civil services. Even the landscaping of the city with proper planning for parks and industrial infrastructure is covered through the perfect construction management and engineering facilities available from us. With the tremendous growth in economy the state board is always looking for the cost-effective and efficient civil engineering services that promise to meet the mounting needs of such big project budgets that follow strict time constraints.

Our major concentration is on the below service areas:


    The following methods of surveying are used for the better accomplishment of the job

  • GPS
  • Manual
  • Laser scanning
  • EDM
  • Planning

    The two areas where planning has been identified as the major aspect to start the project along with cost estimation being the third element are :

  • Urban
  • Rural
  • Construction management
    Construction engineering

    The various engineering components that are essential for the timely completion of the project are:

  • Environment
  • Water resources
  • Transportation
  • Materials
  • Industrial

Below are few of the allied services offered to the clients in addition to the broad range of services offered in civil engineering

Construction Drawing Services
  • HVAC Services
  • MEP Design & Drafting Services
  • Paper to CAD Conversion
  • Construction Cost Estimation Services
  • Land Development Design Services

The benefits attained through the civil engineering projects are:

  • Fast turnaround is made possible with rapid execution of construction projects by using advanced technologies and applications
  • Complete range of services includes construction management, planning and primary surveying which are all done through offshore civil engineers who are well practiced with the state standards and regulations.
  • Following engineering standards and being experienced in planning small, large and complex projects in civil engineering will help in evaluating every factor that is likely to influence the project completion.
  • Detail problem solving approach will help in gaining confidence of the state board or government organizations who are likely to sanction the projects

A thorough survey of the site is done by us with the detailed planning in order to incorporate many factors like feasibility, integration with relevant features, environmental issues, standard conformance, energy savings, intended use etc. When all these components are well included in the plan it would be easy to get the approval from the authorities at various levels and regulatory groups that are involved with the commercial or residential or industrial civil engineering projects. In order to do this we have the qualified team of professionals and engineers who are skilled enough in designing engineering and construction phases in a much easier and faster way. Advanced technology usage in terms of computerized mappings, land and environmental analysis bring in sync with planning, modeling and drafting of the civil engineering projects.