Brickmark Services

Pre Engineered Buildings

With the present competitive world someone would like to start their operations much faster and hence we have an awesome solution with us which is pre engineered buildings for which we take only 8 weeks to deliver the project. This short duration is possible with the reduction of time achieved in the design phase as the sophisticated software packages we use will help in designing better quality solutions with the least number of errors.

The solutions offered have proven to be cost effective along with fast as well as erection standard process implemented for completing the construction. Future extensibility with less time and cost is what is promised by these types of solutions with a perfect strategy followed to select the vendor who would be responsible for supplying all the material necessary for the construction. Tradition is never left behind by us and hence we opt to use traditional wall approach made possible by using the regular materials like concrete and masonry. It is quite natural to see aging of any building which also mandates the maintenance activities to be initiated as quickly as possible so that damage to the lives of people working in such commercial buildings is low. This situation would less occur to you when you go with pre engineered buildings.

Solutions that are most popular on our site

  • Fixing Of Self Supported Roofing System (Trussless)
  • Single Skin Roofing / Cladding
  • Installation Of Pre-Engineered Buildings
  • PUF Insulated Panels For Roofing/Cladding
  • Double Skin Roofing / Cladding