Engineering Services

Structural Engineering

Excellent quality in the structural engineering services can be experienced by our clients with the vast pool of knowledge that our engineers have on engineering standards. The new engineers are well trained to understand and take up the conceptual and detailed design for the structural projects. The rough ideas provided by the customers are converted into the conceptual design that will undergo the peer review process along with undergoing building legislations.

A rich experience acquired in working with global engineering firms has given us the strength in designing the best structures. The real strength is the qualified engineers, architects, managers and software experts who form the best team to work out the various structural project requirements that are likely to give good revenue.

We are not restricted to design and modeling the structures but also accept the request to do an analysis of pre-existing designs that are supported with construction documentation, thus giving a combination of services which include fresh designs as well as extended support to the pre-existing structural designs. With the emphasis we have on business objectives we extend our focus on the industry landscape thus enabling the engineers to achieve cost reductions, which is made possible with reduced design cycle times.

The vast structural engineering services will impress our clients for sure:

Industrial Structures Design & Analysis:

Typical industry segments in which we have our load bearing structures implemented along with appealing designs for machine foundations for the heavy weighted and highly vibrating equipments are given below.

  • Composite structures
  • Equipment foundations
  • Power generating units
  • Oil refineries
  • Chemical plants
  • Steel production and allied industries
  • Printing press facilities
High Rise Structures Design & Analysis:

The two eyes in this wing are the commercial and residential applications covering various types of structures as listed below:

  • Composite structures
  • Steel structures
  • RCC structures
  • Prefabricated building systems
Retrofitting & Rehabilitation of Structures:

This service from us will ensure that the evaluation is completed on the existing structures and the an exact recommendation is provided to the clients to strengthen their structures from time to time. The services that are included in this retrofitting and rehabilitation service category are:

  • Seismic retrofitting
  • FRPC wrapping
  • Epoxy treatment
  • Rehabilitation service for heritage buildings
  • Strength evaluation using NDT
Custom Homes Design & Analysis:

Individuals need not have to worry about the service they are looking for customizing their homes as we have the capability to do perfect analysis on the numerous designs and provide a custom design for our small residential customers.

  • Timber homes
  • Masonry / RCC homes
Finite Element Modeling & Analysis

Software tools conforming to industry standards are used for this service

Peer Review Services

This category of services will help in optimizing the design techniques by performing a completely independent analysis and verification done to the structural models.

We have been making progress in terms of turnaround time and accuracy of the designs for all the projects we are engaged with by using the following software expertise:

  • AutoCAD
  • RAM
  • Rebar CADS RC
  • STAAD Pro
  • ProSteel
  • S-Frame / P- Frame
  • X-Steel