Brickmark Services

Civil Engineering Works

If a construction has to live long with no complaints then definitely we need to have civil engineering experts in the team especially making the crucial decisions with respect to the material mix or the material selection. Depending on the nearness of the place to water sources, the ground water level, the frequency of rains in the place, the moisture content in the air and so on will all aid in making the decision for the type of waterproofing to be done for the construction project that is signed up with us.

If we only stand by the new and fresh constructions only then definitely we have to say we are not interested in serving our customers for the long term. In order to be customer friendly, we also think about the re-plastering services along with analyzing all the feasible solutions for the interior come exterior works in the house or for commercial buildings. Also the necessities are more complicated for a commercial building than for a residential building. Our civil engineering experts will conduct the structural survey of the old construction and provide the detailed repair report with the cost effective solutions.

Competencies that we have

  • Large bridges
  • Complex structural engineering
  • Environmental technology